An intentional resolution

Hey, 2017 is finally here!

How many of you have already skipped out on your Resolutions?

Half? 75%? 90%?

Nice work.

To those of you still chugging along with getting healthier, eating more vegetables (ha!), or reading a book a month or something – congrats.

Now’s the time to tell ourselves 2016 is over and done with. The year can go sit in the corner and fornicate with itself.

It’s time for us to take things into our own hands.

Because I don’t know about any of you, but 2016 really got away from me the second half of the year.

Yes, I’ll pat myself on a back a little bit with the release of my book.

**Tries to pat**

**Can’t reach, arms too short**

But I found once it was out in the open, the past two years kind of went with it. That sucker was my baby for twenty-three months.

And then it was gone. I should have been happier about it. And for a few days, I was over the moon about the feedback and support.

But instead of remaining in the clouds, the reality set in: now what are you going to do?

I went a bit backwards. Nothing else could compare to the last day of being 29 when my work was out there.

What the hell was next?

More or less, three months of living in a fog of self-doubt. It’s easy to kick yourself when you let yourself.

Sitting at my desk Sunday morning, I finally decided to kick self-pity to the curb. Because wallowing doesn’t really get you anywhere (no shit, Sherlock).

So maybe because I’m trying to overcompensate for the last three months or because I want my thirties to be a bit better than my twenties, I’m looking to make 2017 one of my most ambitious years yet.

I even did the adult move and wrote down what I wanted to do this year, look!


Sure, they might be a bit lofty. But when all is said and done, I’ll have another book and a shorter piece of work out there for all you wonderful people to (hopefully) enjoy. And I’ll know a new language along with 52 songs on guitar.

What I hope comes from this is a year of intentionality.

A year of paying attention more to what I’m doing and what I want to do.

A year of minimizing mindless social media scrolling and hours hanging out with Netflix or the DVR.

After all, does anybody really consider binge watching Netflix a real accomplishment by the end of the year?

I doubt it.

So cheers to a new year – to being better each day – and to living more intentionally.


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