Blank Checklist

So a lot has happened over the past few months. A few drafts later, an editing session, a few book covers and a shit-ton of YouTube videos watched (for educational purposes only, I swear!), and I’m inching my way towards the release of my book.

And I didn’t mention this earlier because sometimes announcements aren’t really my thing: my book, A Search For Songs, is coming out on September 30th.

We are officially finalized. No more tinkering. No more tweaking.

My checklist for everything with this book now looks like this:


And when this list was over ten items long, a blank one is cause for major celebration. For now.

It’s been two years in the making. Two very long years with a ton of writing, rewritng, planning, scheduling, pulling hair out, the whole nine yards.

But we’re almost here. Thank God.


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