third draft done but no rest for the wicked

Well, the third draft is done after endless tweaking, painstakingly staring at this screen until my eyes bled.

Or at least that’s what it felt like. It seems daunting at first. To run through an entire book (granted mine isn’t exactly long compared to others, but we’re not talking about editing a simple blog post here!) picking out mistakes and fixing certain words while leaving others alone.

It’s hard to find the line between fixing something that needs to be fixed and tinkering with it for the sake of tinkering. And I know if it was up to me, I’d tinker with the entire thing for the next five years.

But that’s not progress.

That’s attempting to drive your car out of a puddle of mud while pressing the brake at the same time. Which isn’t entirely productive.

But here I sit, July 4th weekend after the last month or so of going through this book. I’m giving it a break for the next few days. Like a fine wine, we’ll let it breathe for a bit.

In the meantime, I guess there are other things I could be working on. Finishing this draft has almost given me permission to focus on something else.

Which I will gladly accept.

Cheers to the next step.


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