delayed new year’s

I haven’t done, or attempted, a New Year’s Resolution in a few years. Not because of some ego-filled reason where I have nothing on which to improve. I guess you could call it laziness, maybe because I don’t want to fall into the high percentage of people that don’t follow through with their own Resolution after the first seven days, I don’t know. But here I sit in the middle of February (holy shit, almost March?!) with not a whole lot to be proud of so far.

Maybe the act of not having a New Year’s Resolution is a resolution in itself: to see how complacent and unhealthy I could possibly become before the feeling of not doing enough smacks me right in the face.

I could blame the increased amount of time spent in front of my Xbox, a direct correlation between the hours dispersed in front of a tv compared to the hours not spent writing. None of which I’m particularly happy about.

I forgot how easy it was to get wrapped up in work, or at least the job that pays the bills. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely thankful to be back in the working world and getting a paycheck every other week that more than covers my daily needs. But I’ve caught myself drifting too far down that road sometimes.

It is the easiest scapegoat when I don’t feel like writing.

“I can just start tomorrow.”

The hardest part is starting. It seems to take more energy to open up the file on my laptop than to actually write 500 or 1,000 words.

So I’m going to try a new strategy — to start as soon as I wake up before I realize that I’m starting. I’ve also found in the past *light bulb over head* that it helps ten times over if I jot down a few notes the night before about what I want to write.

Such a revolution I know.

To go into a situation with a plan instead of winging it and spending 75…okay, 90% of my time zombie-ing out on social media.

Heard it here first, folks! The key to productivity. The end all, be all of getting things done.

Don’t f*cking wing it!

*Climbs atop soapbox*

*Seeks applause*

*Hops off said soapbox after realizing room is empty*

So here’s what I’m doing this afternoon, while I sit on the balcony overlooking the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico. I’m making a list for long-term goals for 2016. Since every productivity hack out there says lists and writing things down are king…

From there, it’s a month at a time to chip away at these goals. I won’t tell you what they are just yet, since I believe a little mystery is good for the soul. But I have them written down, scout’s honor.

I’m going to try my hardest to ignore the fact that I waited 40 days into the year to get going, but enough’s enough.

After all, it’s tough to answer the question, “what’s new,” when my only answer is the last score to my hockey game…

…which was 7-1.


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