NaNoWriMo Day OMG

Well, being behind might be the understatement of the century.

This might be an awful thing to say, but I know it’s happened to at least one person out there. Have you ever been driving, or sitting at work, and completely zone out and forget the last, say, 45 seconds of your life? You pass an exit or a building and don’t remember the previous streetlight or making the last left turn onto your neighborhood street?

Where operating on autopilot is the norm for the briefest of moments?

That’s how this month has felt. On the 19th day I feel like I’m only on day 3. Where the hell did the last two weeks go??

If I’m tracking my current word count compared to where I’m supposed to be, I’m (sadly) on day 8.

That’s it.

Maybe it’s the amateur-ish writer in me, but I just haven’t been able to get the mojo flowing for this book. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad concept I have; I’m just not feeling it.

Only 14,000 words in, and I want to blow it up. I’ve heard whenever you reach a point where you feel you’re off track, backtrack until you find the point where you derailed.

Well, writing tip givers, I’d have to backtrack to good ol’ Chapter One.

*Slams head on desk*


So, what can I take from all this?

Writing’s hard. Even when parts are fun and words actually come out, it sucks the humility right out of you.

I tell you what, I have an even greater amount of respect for the people that do this for a living. Through the dog days and the non-mojo days, they still write like their life depends on it (and maybe for bill-paying reasons, it does).

I’m obviously not there yet. I don’t have the discipline.

I could carry on with the excuses why I haven’t kept up with the designated word count (having a job compared to last year, medical issues, full-blown laziness), but what it boils down to is I just haven’t put the words on paper.

Either you’re writing or you’re not. Isn’t that what all the writing tip-givers say on their fancy blogs and in their intricate how-to ebooks?

F*ck it. Done rambling for this morning.

Time to go blow up this book and start back from Chapter One.

Happy Thursday -C


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