NaNoWriMo Day 1

Day One is officially in the books. While I didn’t hit the regular 1,667 word goal (just short with 1,581), for getting back in the swing of things I’m pretty happy with how this evening went.

The difference between this year and last year is navigating my writing time around, in, and even during my time at work. I had the slight luxury of not having to worry about a work schedule and its responsibilities last year, which afforded me several hours a day to concentrate on my writing.

This time around will be a bit more of a challenge time-wise, but either way, my words will be written and (with the exception of today) my goal will be reached.

It felt good to get back on a schedule with an actual deadline again.

I will admit, after the first six words, my thought process immediately went to, “oh my God, best opening line ever!”

Full disclosure: I celebrate a wonderful first sentence by making dinner. I may be trying to kick being lazy, but I’m still a damn good procrastinator.

By my 33rd word, the thought process switched over to, “oh my God, what have I gotten myself into!?”

Second full disclosure: I then checked my fantasy football team to make sure my kicker was holding up his end of things (he didn’t).

It’s a long month and while I know I was a bit short today, I know momentum is and can be a wonderful asset.

Cheers to 29 more days!

Screenshot 2015-11-01 20.35.44



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