Next Up!

Well, the time has come. The final words came across the screen. No more red font where I needed to edit more or no more using the delete button to take out chunks of nonsense written during one of the few writing binges last year.

The 2nd(ish) draft is done and ready for at least beta readers to comb over it.

Wow. Beta readers. Never before did I think I could say I had beta readers. It sounds official. Like putting it on Facebook (which I did).

I think future versions of this process will go a tad quicker when you take out the couple months of ignoring this manuscript and dawdling at the fact that I have to change something with so many words.

Note to self: editing a novel takes much longer than editing a 500-word blog post.

I gave myself a few hours this morning to celebrate. But with November right around the corner, it’s immediately time to jump into the next project. And the process continues…

Plotting, coming up with new characters, twists & turns, more settings and themes and all that jazz.

Bring it on.


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