Rushing Back

He sped through each intersection and blew past each stop sign. It was a minor miracle he didn’t kill anybody. The message on his phone provided enough urgency.

Need you to come over ASAP.

Those six words from his ex-girlfriend stopped his day like a rubber bullet slamming into Kevlar. If she didn’t even have time to call him and had to rely on a text message, this must be important.

It didn’t matter three months ago she ripped his heart out and told him they should start seeing other people. It also didn’t matter that he didn’t give up. What she called desperate he thought more of as passionate.

“I’m coming, baby,” he said to his windshield. The passing trees lining their neighborhood, her neighborhood, were a blur. A jogger and her stroller almost became road kill. But that didn’t matter now. She wanted him back.

His tires screeched as he pulled into the driveway and bolted up to the front door.

This was it. The moment he’d been waiting three months for. Time to go back to normal, or at least their version of it, and forget about everything else. Three months of misery erased for a future of happiness.

She opened the door before he could knock. A concerned look on her face with arms crossed in front of her. He looked on as a man appeared behind her, holding her shoulders.

“I need you to take the rest of your stuff,” she said. “This time for good.”


One thought on “Rushing Back

  1. Annette Horvath

    Chris, Love this piece – a calamitous shot right to the heart. You do this so well – capture the fierce intensity of this young man’s desperate need to recapture his relationship as well as the heart of the love of his life. . . So much for trying! This must be shared with all members of “The Broken Heart’s Club.” It happens to all of us sometime, somewhere, some nightmarish moment in life. (P.S. Love your bullet image – not hackneyed but particular to you). Thanks for writing.


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